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speech therapy Singapore


At Speech Therapy Adventures, we believe in building up the parent-child relationship, which is why we’re committed to parent coaching.

 speech therapy for autism spectrum disorder

"Every session with Naomi is engaging & a joyful one. Naomi is quick to notice Muhriz’s personality and interest. She taps on it so that Muhriz feels comfortable through out the session. Her dedication to guide us in using strategies at home helps us in moving towards communication goals with Muhriz."


hearing loss speech therapy

"My daughter really enjoyed the lessons conducted by Naomi.  She gave us tips and encouragement and my daughter has definitely broadened her speech."


speech therapy singapore

My son has been with Naomi for the last 5 years at NUH. From weekly sessions to monthly sessions when there was improvement & progress.

In the course of these sessions, we find her attentive & knowledgeable as a speech therapist. She was able to advise us through her observations during the sessions and come up with solutions to improve my son’s condition.

She was also helpful to us (caregivers) in giving moral support. And at times make recommendations to seek help from other areas i.e. psychiatrist to manage my son’s future behavior and to see the occupational therapist to improve the coordination skill.

                           ~Parents of Nigel

 private speech and language therapy

We were introduced to Naomi by our son’s former speech therapist, who felt that Naomi’s approach to language through play would be better suited to his needs and development. From the first session, through play, Naomi was able to catch our son’s attention and built a good rapport with him. This allowed her to gain our son’s trust and to slowly challenge him to build his vocabulary and choice of words in order to communicate what he wants. Over time, this helped our son to improve at a steady pace, and to build his confidence when communicating. In each session, Naomi is discerning to know how much to challenge our son, and when to take a step back depending to how receptive our son is. This has helped our son to enjoy each session and to look forward to the next. Through her interaction with our son, she is also able to provide feedback and advice to us on how to interact with him at home in order to build on each session and to further strengthen his vocabulary. We look forward to continuing this journey with Naomi and to see continued progress for our son.


hearing loss speech therapy

"We've known Ms Naomi for 4 years and she was very supportive, reliable and patient with my son. She is very professional and she knows well how to handle and manage my son's needs."


speech therapy for autism

"I’m so glad that Raph is handled by you all these years. Along the way with you, I can see that Raph is always improving. I’m so thankful also for your effort to find way how to communicate with Raph and also all the encouragement."


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