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speech therapy singapore
speech therapy for autism

Learning through play. Connecting people 

Specialized Speech Therapy Services for Individuals with Hearing Loss and Autism

Are you or your loved one seeking high-quality speech therapy services in Singapore? Look no further. At Speech Therapy Adventures, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive and personalized speech and language therapy for children and adults, with a specific focus on individuals with hearing loss and autism.

Unleash Your Communication Potential

Experience the transformative impact of speech therapy at Speech Therapy Adventures. we posses the combination of expertise, passion, and a genuine commitment to helping our clients thrive. Through practical solutions, personalized interventions, and meaningful connections, we empower individuals to unleash their communication potential and lead fulfilling lives.

Customized to suit every individual

Our commitment to personalized care means that we design customized solutions to address your specific communication challenges. By tailoring our approaches to your individual differences, we ensure that therapy is not only effective but also relevant and engaging. This tailored approach allows us to make significant strides together, fostering accelerated growth and tangible outcomes.

Accelerate Your Communication Journey

We believe in maximizing progress and helping individuals reach their end goals faster. We utilize evidence-based practices that have been proven to establish robust foundations, expedite progress and provide personalized interventions that cater to each individual's specific needs.


private speech and language therapy

The Call to Adventure

Just like in the Hero's Journey, the adventure begins when parents are called to action, recognizing possible developmental challenges in their child. At Speech Therapy Adventures, we embrace this journey alongside parents, guiding them through uncharted waters to navigate the intricacies of parenting a child with additional needs.
Together, we embark on a learning adventure, where parents and children alike discover new paths and reach their full potential. With our experienced therapists as your trusted guides, we provide personalized support and effective solutions, empowering families to thrive on this transformative journey of growth and development.

speech therapy singapore

Naomi wong


Speech and Language Therapist

Expert DIRFloortime® Training Leader

Clinical Educator and Consultant

After being in the public healthcare services for close to 20 years, Naomi started her own practice to help children with additional needs to develop holistically. She partners the parents in this journey so that the parent-child relationship can flourish and the family unit emerges stronger through this adventure.

Apart from her clinical load, she also has a busy teaching life. Internationally, she is actively teaching Floortime courses to working professionals through the International Council on Development and Learning (ICDL). Locally, she has been a consultant to Speech therapists in private practice since 2014. in addition, she had taught Speech Therapy masters students and Audiology masters students from the National University of Singapore. 

She believes that children are best taught through a developmental approach and an approach that is respectful of the child's interest which empowers the child to communicate effectively. Also a mother of three, Naomi is invested in engaging your child fully and working holistically with your family to provide evidence-based practical solutions.


I want a DIY language, speech and communication checklist. For ages 0-4 years old.

This comprehensive milestone checklist is easy to administer and takes only 20 minutes of your time. At the end of this checklist, you will know with certainty what your child’s abilities are as well as your next course of action.

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Speech therapy singapore
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